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Prof. Kim will broaden his positive environmental impact by educating future scientists, engineers, and other professionals about the field of energy engineering. Prof. Kim will take a three-pronged approach to educate this next generation of professionals.

  • The first prong is teaching Energy Engineering courses, one at the undergraduate level and one at the graduate level.

  • The second prong is teaching and mentoring students through engaging research and design projects as part of UNIST’s existing undergraduate research programs.

  • The third prong is

    • (a) Providing diverse learning opportunities to students of all majors that are a part of UNIST by providing UNIST members with design projects, company tours, guest speaker, and presentation.
    • (b) Providing one-hour energy-related seminars (with hand-on activity) to prospective students of energy engineering participating in UNIST’s various programs.

As Prof. Kim implements each prong, students will learn about his most recent research developments as they relate to course and research concepts. Through this three-pronged approach, his education plan exposes and educates high school, undergraduate, and graduate students in the field of Energy Engineering