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Zero-Fire Battery

Zero-Fire Battery

ZeFB explanation

Zero Fire Battery (ZeFB)

ZeFB is a new concept battery with a novel cooling and fire prevention system to address the risk of fire in existing lithium-ion batteries and low life at high temperatures. Combining fireproof materials and multi-layered sealing technology, it absorbs heat from the battery and maintains a long life during normal operation, and immediately extinguishes fire in emergency situations such as thermal runaway and prevents fire from spreading.

  • 3 elements of fire
    (oxygen, ignition point, combustibles)

  • Key components of ZeFB

  • Fire blocking principles of ZeFB

ZeFB core technology

Thermal management during normal operation

Lithium-ion batteries generate heat during normal operation, especially when discharging at high power. As a result, increasing battery temperature promotes degradation and dramatically reduces life expectancy. However, ZeFB efficiently absorbs heat from the battery due to the high specific heat and thermal conductivity of the fireproof material, allowing it to maintain a long life through thermal management.

Increased life expectancy due to heat management effect of ZeFB compared to LIB

Fire suppression and blocking transition during thermal runaway

The most serious problem with lithium-ion batteries is a high risk of large-scale fires during thermal runaway due to their high energy density and dense structure. ZeFB immediately extinguishes fire by blocking oxygen and ignition points among the three elements of the fire, preventing the fire from spreading to adjacent batteries..

LIB Module (left) and ZeFB Module (right) Fire Test